Move on!

I've talked with JD about the comic book plan a lot these couple of days.
I'm surprised when he told me he's gonna write a story for me himself. I'm so happy about that^^. I've known him through another comic artist friend for a while. And we had a really happy talk when he came to visit my city last year.  

I am so happy that I can finally do it. 


  1. yay~!! I'll buy your new comic~!!

  2. I'm so looking forward to that comic =).

  3. Good luck, it's courageous move, one i certainly admire.

  4. I dont know you for long, but if i got it right, you were working as an architect(?) and got moeny and stuff, but never was happy because its not what you wanted to use your life for?
    I really wish my mother could see it like you. I have been studying for 4 years an engineer that i hate more and more every year and I feel taht I cant have a happy life if i dont devote it to drawing and art, but for my mother, without carreer i will end up in the street as a hobo...

    If you have passion in what he do, nothing can stop you from achieving your goalas, I really think this is true, so I'm glad you are going all out for it!

    I'll look forward to see how everythign develop! Good luck!

  5. You're doing a comic?! Illustrating it? You have no idea how happy that makes me! Will there be an English version? I am so going to buy it~! That's great. Break a leg!