several pics I did for a fabulous singer's website


back to Love- Sue

This is a new song written by my best friend, roommate, working partner - Sue.
She got such a wonderful voice that I can't resist! Haha
Hope you enjoy it!!


pic for my design studio website

Our Design Studio: Urbane Solutions      (Sue & Jae)
(new site under construction for now...)


Move on!

I've talked with JD about the comic book plan a lot these couple of days.
I'm surprised when he told me he's gonna write a story for me himself. I'm so happy about that^^. I've known him through another comic artist friend for a while. And we had a really happy talk when he came to visit my city last year.  

I am so happy that I can finally do it. 


Happy Chinese New Year!!

Nothing else but just eat and sleep!!
I was being Legally lazy for couple of days for the biggest holidays for chinese:/

We spent new year's eve at my parents place.
This is my best friend learning how to make the dumplings with my mom.
But my mom refused to put the dumplings that we made along with hers..... as ours looks ugly...

This is something I am working on right now.

I'm just too lazy to write anything, haha
just wish you all a great Ox year!!



I wish I could be a full time artist some day.....
Today, I watched 2 videos about how to do oil painting
but didn't find them to be really helpful.
they're either too basic or too complica

But the happy news is, I can use 
my friend's painting studio for free this year! 
I always wanna have a place to do some canvas, but never did.
I wish I could paint more this year, despite of all the other works I have to do too...

I worked on this girl for another 20 min today
... not much to say about it..
It is hard to keep the balance sometimes. I love to paint the details but that also make me feel lost in it... the skill part is never as important as the meaning of a painting to me. 
I have to tell myself many times when I was painting that don't forget what I am trying to convey through this... 

anyway... tired! 


two more

stuffs that i'm working on...

just watched an old animation movie by Ghibli this afternoon, 
"the raccoon war pom poko"

I can't remember this is the 6th or 7th time that i watched it, but I still can't help crying in the middle of the movie until the very end. 
to be honest, his characters and background settings are not really my favorite style, but I do like the way he tells the story.  I'm always surprised by his sensitivity, care, and love all through these years. And that makes me wanna look at the world with more opened wide eyes and a bigger and stronger heart. 

I am working on several different illustrations at the same time. some are for other's books, and some are just for fun. circus girl is my all time favorite and I'll painting more in the future.


Hi, welcome to my pod

This new blog gonna be JAE LIU'S new pod from now on.
I'll update my paintings, sketches and writings all up here.
Probably I've been known as many different names by my friends :
Gunnmgally, wubao, 五宝,Jae, or mabula^^
Yes, they're all just one person, JAE LIU.

I will share my paintings and my feelings for lots of things. not just comics, here with all my friends.

Please feel free to write anything to me here^^