Happy Chinese New Year!!

Nothing else but just eat and sleep!!
I was being Legally lazy for couple of days for the biggest holidays for chinese:/

We spent new year's eve at my parents place.
This is my best friend learning how to make the dumplings with my mom.
But my mom refused to put the dumplings that we made along with hers..... as ours looks ugly...

This is something I am working on right now.

I'm just too lazy to write anything, haha
just wish you all a great Ox year!!


  1. Xin Nian Kuai Le!

    Came across your art on deviantart about a month ago. Just wanted to say I enjoyed it, since I came across your blog :)



  2. Thanks! I'm trying to make dumplings but I quite fail. My celebrations included me gorging myself at my friend's New Year celebration.

    Happy OX!

  3. very nice illustrations, gonna follow your blog, see you friend

    *i've found you via deviantart :)

  4. amazing illustrations! i love your deviantart page, as well! keep the good work up!