stuffs that i'm working on...

just watched an old animation movie by Ghibli this afternoon, 
"the raccoon war pom poko"

I can't remember this is the 6th or 7th time that i watched it, but I still can't help crying in the middle of the movie until the very end. 
to be honest, his characters and background settings are not really my favorite style, but I do like the way he tells the story.  I'm always surprised by his sensitivity, care, and love all through these years. And that makes me wanna look at the world with more opened wide eyes and a bigger and stronger heart. 

I am working on several different illustrations at the same time. some are for other's books, and some are just for fun. circus girl is my all time favorite and I'll painting more in the future.


  1. There's something about many of studio Ghibli's films that makes me feel the same way... they just have really optimistic vibes. I haven't seen that one but I want to! Have you ever seen My Neighbours the Yamadas? That's one of my favorites.

    Wow your illustrations have a lovely flow - i really sense the movement and emotion in them! I'm still struggling to register that in my own work, but i guess i'll just keep practising :D

  2. I'm glad you got this blog thing .)
    work in progress stuff drives lots of people crazy.. always. and with paintings like yours - ♥ ♥ ♥

    hope you'll be fine with your career thing there. I'm finishing my studies, so, I'm like getting on the same edge. tough stuff eh..?

    you just take care, girl.
    all the best!