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  1. Hi hi ^w^

    I'm Nakayoshi-chan, from DA. I REALLY LOVE your works!!! *drools* You're very talented and your work is so personal~★ *admiration*
    I didn't know you were an architect!!! *3* Uah! You're a lot of things!!! ^0^ (I'm studing architecture ^///^) Awww... I will follow your blog :3 I' a bug an uf you!!! *LOVE*

    ( o^-^ )o ♥ o( ^-^o )

    Gambatte with all!!! *hugssss*

    PD: Sorry, my english is poor~ ;^;

    ♥matta ne~~ *hugs&kissu*♥

  2. these are interesting pieces! i'm especially drawn to the piano one. this is theabones from da, by the way. i'm excited to follow your work in a new place!

  3. Awww wonderful new blog! I'm really looking forward to see more of your work here, your art is absolutely inspiring. ;_;

  4. I've been watching you on DA for a while and I'd like to ask if you're planning on making some kind of artbook that regroups most or a lot of your work?

    I'd definitely buy. :)