I wish I could be a full time artist some day.....
Today, I watched 2 videos about how to do oil painting
but didn't find them to be really helpful.
they're either too basic or too complica

But the happy news is, I can use 
my friend's painting studio for free this year! 
I always wanna have a place to do some canvas, but never did.
I wish I could paint more this year, despite of all the other works I have to do too...

I worked on this girl for another 20 min today
... not much to say about it..
It is hard to keep the balance sometimes. I love to paint the details but that also make me feel lost in it... the skill part is never as important as the meaning of a painting to me. 
I have to tell myself many times when I was painting that don't forget what I am trying to convey through this... 

anyway... tired! 


  1. 能玩架上真爽。 我什么时候也能有自己的studio就好了

  2. that is hard I allways get lost on doing it right than to comunicate something... to much stuff to think while painting

  3. If you're interested in learning to paint with oil I can suggest Shawn Barber's
    Foundation Painting DVD.

  4. I almost never check dA anymore, but I've read of your new blog and here I am. I think I'll be able to follow your next paintings much better from here than dA. :)

  5. I love your works and I seen them since 2006 when I'm in deviantart.

    When I left DA I miss so much your works, then I'm so happy that you make it a portfolio in Blogger, I will follow you! :)

    and sorry for my english....