Hi, welcome to my pod

This new blog gonna be JAE LIU'S new pod from now on.
I'll update my paintings, sketches and writings all up here.
Probably I've been known as many different names by my friends :
Gunnmgally, wubao, 五宝,Jae, or mabula^^
Yes, they're all just one person, JAE LIU.

I will share my paintings and my feelings for lots of things. not just comics, here with all my friends.

Please feel free to write anything to me here^^



  1. wow now I can follow your blog,but nice to meet u I enjoy how you express your emotions through your art but besides that i hope we become good friends.

  2. yay for blogs!
    anyway, i look forward to not only seeing some more of your awesome art, but reading some of your thoughts!

  3. I had wished I knew Chinese just so I could follow your old blog. I am exited to see more of your awesomeness here.